Mindset is Everything - Elia Carranza

My first fight was a loss. Let’s just put that out there. However, like everything in life you can let it break you or take it as a lesson and actually learn from it. I take everything as a lesson, so after I lost, my coach and I went right back to the drawing board.

We had a whole new game plan and had to execute it the very next week. Little did I know, the next fight we had lined up would end up being against  the same fighter from my first fight— it was an unplanned rematch. We had trained incredibly hard, physically and mentally, all week.

THE MENTAL PART OF BOXING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. The physical aspect doesn’t matter if your mind isn’t right. That was the lesson. I went into the ring that second fight with a different mindset, and we won. We continued to win after that.

I love boxing because it’s a team effort but a one-man sport when you enter the ring. In the ring, your skill set, drive, ambition and desire (or lack of) will most definitely show. I fight because I’m always looking to grow, and the discipline it takes to be a boxer pushes me and continuously forces me to level up.

If you can do this crazy intense sport, you can really do anything. I truly love fighting, but even more, I love boxing as a whole. It changed my life the point that I’m incredibly proud to say I’m opening a gym in Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Level Up Boxing and Fitness. Our goal is to open our doors to absolutely anyone and everyone who’s ever wanted to give boxing a try in a safe, controlled and fun environment. A huge focus of our gym will be dedicated to the girls and women in and entering our sport! Women’s boxing is on the rise, and we plan to continue to be part of the movement.





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