If You Can Imagine It, It Will Come - Linda Chhon

Some things come full circle. I remember after my 2nd and youngest child, Macky, was born, I was getting used to this body that wasn’t familiar to me anymore. I started running again, and I allowed my imagination to get me through the tedious work. I thought, “It would be so cool to be in a fight camp.” And I use that to push just a little faster and longer.

Three years later, I was in my first fight camp. It’s true—if you can imagine it, it will come.

On May 1, 2018, I made my boxing debut. My opponent had no fights either, so it made me feel a little at ease that she was going through the same journey as me. Those little thoughts of doubt creeping in. What if I lose? What if I get hurt? All I could do was answer those questions:

So what? I still love this!

And that is what you shift the focus on—what you love. I love the training. I love the competition. I love getting better. I love this sport.

My opponent and I went three two-minute rounds, and the judges gave us a draw. We both walked out that ring as winners. We put on a show! And we will forever remember each other as friends, because we both shared that moment, against each other, but together. It’s beautiful.

With love,

Stay strong,

Linda Chhon


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